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Foggers And Misters

Foggers and misters we offer are suited for maintaining the humidity as well as temperature control in shade house and greenhouse. These are made from good quality virgin raw material and are so easy to install. Plus, these have reliable performance and are bestowed with many exclusive features. Foggers and misters are functional as the advanced watering devices which can reduce the temperatures and control the levels of humidity, very well. They are functional as the optimum quality solutions, accessible with advanced solutions and good functionality. Supplied are are suited for misting, cooling and humidifying applications. These are suited for baskets, containers, watering pots, and plants which need constant moisture, outdoors or indoors.
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Hanging Foggers, Spray Nozzle, Misting Nozzles

Price: 145 INR/Carton

My Irigacio Foggers and Misting Nozzle.

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Brass Mist Nozzle

Price: 145 INR/Box

My Irigacio Mist Nozzle is a DIY product useful for creating a cooling system for the balcony.