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Sprinklers are suited for most tree, row and field crops. These allow for a good spray of the water over the crops. These are apt for the irrigation of delicate crops. These are accessible with modern and commonly-used irrigation system. These are serviceable as the large-scale spray irrigation systems that can be used for the large farms as well. Sprinklers are useful as the simple sprinkler irrigation systems. These are useful as the less-efficient models and allow for good and uniform sprinkling effect. These affordable solutions are easy to set up and ensure high productivity. 
Product Image (MIKRO)

Micro Sprinklers Barbed and Threaded "

Price: 27 INR/Carton

" MICRO Sprinkler Head Blue Nozzle for Garden/Agriculture/Irrigation/Lawn/Pipes/Poultry Farm use/Male Thread

Product Image (Butterfly)

Butterfly Sprinklers

Price: 27 INR/Unit

My Irigacio Butterfly Sprinkler is Rotating Sprinkler used for Domestic irrigation and for Agriculture Irrigation in big fields. The Water can be Sprinkled up to 15 Feet.

Product Image ( B10WGN )

Winkler Water Sprinkler

Price: 67 INR/Carton

Winnklerr Rotating Water Sprinkler Head Male Thread for Garden/Agriculture/Irrigation/Lawn/Pipes " and "


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