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Drip And Mist Kits

The Drip And Mist Kits are functional as the smart and economical ways to save water. These can enable good plant growth and have the capability to prevent fungus. These are suited for the indoor kits. These allow for higher consistent quality yields and ensure huge water savings. They can work without evaporation and make zero waste. Drip And Mist Kits allow for 100% land utilization. The drip irrigation process of these work on low pressure. These are serviceable as the efficient ways for the irrigation of crops and are proffered with lower evaporation than other irrigation techniques. These allow for advanced "micro irrigation." 
Product Image (MIDKA50)

Drip Irrigation Kit for Home Garden (Waters Upto 50 Plants)

Price: 2352 INR/Carton

Water your plants automatically using a drip irrigation system.

Product Image (MIK10MV)

Misting And Cooling Kit

Price: 4480 INR/Box

This kit is design for misting and cooling use. Its the perfect rigid cooling solution for home patios and outdoor recreational areas. This kit includes everything needed to easily assemble of mist cooling line with no special tools needed.


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