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Control And Safety Valves

Control and Safety Valves are considered as the pressure removing or pressure reducing devices. These can do away with the excessive internal fluid pressure and can prevent the damage made to the devices. These valves are applicable for gas and steam lines. The valves allow for a safe pressure level and bring utility for both plant and personnel. Control and Safety Valves are needed to protect any pressurized system and have good design pressure limit. These valves are designed to discharge gas pressure or liquid in an automatic way. Control and Safety Valves are accessible with good utility and advanced utility. 

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Lateral Valve

Price: 27 INR/Carton

My Irigacio Lateral valve is made out of highly durable Engineering Plastic.

Product Image (MI 50SBVP)


Price: 850 INR/Piece

Irriworld Union Type PVC Ball Valves have union end on one/ both sides so that the valve can be demounted from a pipeline for refurbishment or repair. The valves are available as PVC Union Ball Valves with threaded or solvent ends in imperial sizes. Irriworld PVC valves offer resistance to a wide range of chemicals, in addition to offering high impact and high tensile strength. Easily assembled with perfect sealing under all conditions. Union type ball valves can be used for a wide range of applications and operates at a working pressure of up to 16 bar (Dependent on size) made our valve the strongest among the most of competitors.

Product Image (MI60SSBFV)


Price: 1500 INR/Piece

Body Made of PVC-U. Low Torque and Low-Pressure Loss due to specially designed SS Disc. Wafer Type mechanism ensuring Zero Leak while in Shut-off Position. Capable of handling all type of fluids typically used in irrigation and various industries.

Product Image (MI60PVF)

Pressure Relief Valve (Porus )

Pressure Release Valve (1.5kg/cm² to 5.5kg/cm²) (Male & Female Thread Connection)

Product Image ( MI 30KARVP )

Kinetic Air Release Valve

Price: 123 INR/Carton

My Irigacio Kinetic Air Release Valve balanced the air intake and exhaust to ensure the pipes are sealed closely in low pressure. These Air Release Valves are widely used in agricultural irrigation and industrial water recycling systems.

Product Image ( MI 45FV )

Flush Valve

Price: 67 INR/Carton

Flush Valve is an easily openable threaded top for flushing debris from the sub-main. Available Size- 40mm x 50mm, 50mm x 63mm, 63mm x 75mm.

Product Image (MI 05RVB, MI 07RVB)

Valve Box 5" and 7" inch

Price: 470 INR/Piece

With its light weight heavy-duty plastic design, Irriworld Valve Box offers durable protection for valves placed for sprinkler system. The readymade removable slots to accommodate sprinkler header lines for easy installation without the need for special tools. Its green and black design allow it to blend in easily with its surroundings and it works both in freezing and nonfreezing areas.