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Sprinklers Other Accessories

The Sprinklers Other Accessories are used to irrigate agricultural crops, landscapes, golf courses, lawns, and other areas. They are apt for cooling as well as for the control of airborne dust. These can work really well in all types of sections. These are appreciable for their functionality and boosted service life. Sprinklers Other Accessories are all about the functional precision and boosted service life. They are also known as the good farming solutions, which assist in the farming and irrigation tasks, very effectively. They are appropriate for both small and large areas. 
Product Image (3208-HRS)

Rain Sensor

Price: 3304 INR/Box

The K-Rain Rain/Freeze and Rain Sensors will turn your irrigation controller into an expert water manager by efficiently suspending watering during rain and/or freeze periods.

Product Image (MI70GPG)

Pressure Gauge

Price: 472 INR/Carton

My Irigacio World Bottom Mount Pressure Gauge, 7 kg Irrigation Glycerine Filled BSP Male Thread Stainless Steel (" Connection / 63mm Dial Size)

Product Image (MIS4010)

Service Saddle

Price: 139 INR/Carton

Made out of heavy-duty PP material. Available in sizes- 40mm to 110mm

Product Image (MI 16JIR)


Price: 4 INR/Piece

Take Apart, Turbulent Flow, Online Emitter Offers ease in maintenance and inspection. Barbed inlet suitable to connect directly on 4 mm extension tube or can be punched on polytube.

Product Image (MI 4010HD )


Price: 150 INR/Piece

My Irrigacio Service Saddles are used to build single or double junction that can be coupled with MDPE, HDPE or PVC pipes while laying pipeline network for irrigation or other type of water supplies.

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Price: 300 INR/Piece

Wire splices are the weak link of any electrical circuit. It is especially important to make proper joints in irrigation systems because the joints are exposed to wet and damp environments that can cause corrosion of the copper conductor and premature failure.

Product Image (87480000)


Price: 2400 INR/Piece

Compact oscillating sprinkler for small gardens. The large turbine guarantees top irrigation performance using only the power of the water.

Product Image (87430000)

Compact 16 Super Metal

Price: 4000 INR/Piece

Oscillating sprinkler, ideal for extensive green spaces. The large turbine guarantees top irrigation performance using only the power of the water.

Product Image (86540000)


Price: 3500 INR/Piece

Very easy to use, yet versatile stationary sprinkler for all your small garden needs. Ready for immediate use, it guarantees uniform and gentle irrigation, without puddles.