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Filters supplied by us are featured with several flexible & rigid screens and discs. They boast of ultimate functionality and are accessible with advanced accuracy. They are apt for the irrigation applications and are serviceable as the simple, cost-effective and compacted devices. 
Control and Safety Valves
Control and Safety Valves are functional as the ultimate pressure removing or pressure dipping devices. They can deal well with the excessive internal fluid pressure are suitable for the gas and steam lines.

Tap Timers
Tap timers we offer are uncomplicated in use and are known well for their functions. These are accessible with several exclusive features. They can be used for the farms of different areas and types. The working principle of these is simple. 

Foggers and Misters
Foggers and Misters we offer are accessible with advanced functionality and lengthy service life. These are offered with many recommended applications and are predominantly suited for the indoor use. Also, these are simple and safe in their primary utilization. 

Drip And Mist Kits
Drip And Mist Kits ensure 100% land utilization and are known as the efficient ways for the irrigation of crops. These are proffered with advanced irrigation techniques and are useful for their innovative process of "micro irrigation."

Sprinklers are serviceable as the advanced sprinkler irrigation systems. They are known well for their uniform sprinkling effect. These inexpensive solutions are simple to set up and give high productivity. 

Sprinklers Other Accessories
Sprinklers and Other Accessories are the reliable farming solutions, which bring good utility in the farming and irrigation tasks. They can work for the small and large areas. 

Popup Sprinklers
Pop-up sprinklers are mainly suited for rainwater harvesting systems. These are featured with pop up rotors and bring utility for the bigger areas of lawn. These make effective use of the impact bar and allow for useful application.